Yarmouth Seafest 2020, Never Far from the Shore
Seafest 2020, July 15 - August 14
Yarmouth Nova Scotia Seafest


Introducing our new online contests! This year our festival will be filled with lots of opportunity to participate and win on your own or with a small group. We will be posting the rules and regulations for every contest on the morning of it's start date! Keep your eyes peeled for something that might interest you. We have opportunities for all ages to participate so that everyone can find their place!

Seafest Stationary Parade
July 15th - August 11th
Dairy Queen Logo

Sponsored by Yarmouth Dairy Queen 

  1. Participation is open to anyone in the Town of Yarmouth and the entry is free.
  2. There will be a business & a residental category, as well as a children's sidewalk chalk drawing contest.
  3. All businesses and households are encouraged to participate.
  4. There will also be a people's choice award in the above categories.
  5. The objective is to decorate showing your Seafest 2020 spirit.  This year's theme is "Never Far from the Sea."
  6. Creativity is encouraged (lights, props), the use of anything you may find is encouraged.
  7. Once finished decorating, take a picture(s) and email to FredMuise@yahoo.ca and info@seafest.ca with "stationary parade" as the subject line.
    • Please include your name and phone number in the email for notification purposes.
  8. The judges will use only the photos to determine the overall winners for each category.
  9. Judging will be based on originality, creativity, and overall presentation while focusing on the Seafest theme.
  10. The Stationary Parade will open on July 15th, and entries need to be submitted by end of day on August 11th.
  11. All participants agree to have their photos shared on our Facebook page.
  12. Be creative, be festive, and most importantly have fun.
  13. The first 25 entries will have their name entered into a draw to win a $50.00 Dairy Queen gift card.
  14. Prizes will be awarded to the most creative, best representation of our theme, best decorated home, and best decorated business.
    • Most Creative will receive a $50.00 gift card
    • Best Representation of our Theme will receive a $50.00  gift card
    • Best Decorated Home will receive supplies to have a barbecue for the whole family ($100.00 value)
    • Best Decorated Business will receive a pizza party for them and their staff
    • Up to 2 other prizes ($50.00 value) could be awarded based on Judges Choice.

Download a printable PDF version of the Seafest Stationary Parade rules & regulations here.

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Seafest Photograpy Contest
July 15th - July 31st

Competition Outline:

  • Contestants are welcome to submit 1 original photo for each category.
  • Photos will be sent to info@seafest.ca as a JPEG file; if possible, keep your photos size below 1GB. Please identify the category with each entry.
  • Photos will be posted anonymously to our website (www.seafest.ca) and/or facebook page (Seafest) to be judged through audience engagement; see
    reactions on social media platform or connect on a website.
  • The top 5 most popular images in each category will then be judged by a panel of 3 industry professionals:
  • Prizes are awarded as follows:
    • First Place Photo
      • 1 prize per category
    • Judges Choice
      • 1 photo selected by the judges from any category, which explores the most artistic, creative or powerful interpretation of the competition.

Photo Brief:

  • Capture an image that best presents the Seafest theme: Never Far from the Sea
  • Photos will be accepted between July 15th and July 31st at midnight.
  • Quality will depend on your tools.
    • Phone, Tablet, DSLR images are all welcome; perfect for a fun adventure.
    • If you have a professional camera and a way of adjusting image sizing here are suggestions of basic online standard formatting: 72dpi image; max size of 500MB; sized to 2048 on longest side.
  • The 4 categories are:
    • Close Up:
      • This can be of any subject or object.
    • Portrait:
      • Must contain subject in a prominent position within your framing.
    • Landscape OR Architecture
      • This can be any wide view of the location or structure.
    • Creative:
      • Do whatever you like. Have fun interpreting the idea of by the sea. You are welcome to use additional tools; such as, mirrors, reflection, glass...to create your creative look.

Download a printable PDF version of the Seafest Photography Contest rules & regulations here.

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Seafest Inuksuk Building Contest
July 15th - August 7th

The Seafest 2020 Inuksuk competition is aimed at creating new Inuksuit. Existing works may be entered, providing they meet the rules stated below, but priority will be given to new works. The competition is open to all permanent and summer residents of the Town of Yarmouth and the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth. Works do not have to be permanent.

  1. ALL NATURAL MATERIALS – No plastics, metals or other man-made materials may be used. Any wood must be in its natural state. No manufactured paint or other colourings may be used.
  2. NO ADHESIVES – No sort of glue, cement or mortar may be used in the design.
  3. NO POWER TOOLS OR EQUIPMENT – The work must be assembled without use of any electrical, motorized or hydraulic tools or equipment. Non-powered equipment, such as winches, levers or block & tackle is acceptable. Use of motor vehicles to transport materials to the building site is also acceptable.
  4. In the interest of safety the maximum height of the work may be no greater than 2 metres (6 feet, 6 inches) from ground level to top.

A maximum of four people may make up one Inuksuk-building team. All entrants mustregister at the Seafest office (Killam Bros. Building) or via email (info@seafest.ca).

The competition opens on the first day of Seafest, July 15. All entries must be received by noon, August 7.  Entries will consist of a photo or video of the completed work submitted in person or by email (info@seafest.ca). The judges will then select three finalists from the submitted entries for on-site judging. First, second and third place winners will be announced at noon on the last day of Seafest, August 14.

While entries will be judged in part on originality, entrants are reminded that Inuksuit are a cultural heritage of the Inuit and other Arctic peoples and that heritage must be treated with respect. For more information, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inuksuk.

Download a printable PDF version of the Seafest Inuksuk Building Contest rules & regulations here.

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White Perkins AssociatesSeafest Rock Painting Contest
July 21st - August 4th

Sponsored by:
White Perkins Associated Chartered Professional Accountants

The Seafest Rock Painting contest, inspired by Yarmouth N.S Rock Art (Facebook) is an opportunity to express your artistic side on a less conventional canvas. When beach-goers comb the beach, they often look for nice rocks… Why not take one of those rocks and turn it into a piece of art?

The rules for the contest are as follows: 

  • All submission photos (file less than 1GB) should be sent to info@seafest.ca, or the art piece can be brought into the Seafest office at 90 Water St. open 9-5pm, Mon-Fri.  NOTE: if under 16 years old, please include your age to be considered for the children/teenage division.
  • Your chosen rock-canvas must be portable sized (For ex. can be carried in one hand) 
  • Each painting should be your own original nautical themed piece in accordance with our theme “Never Far From the Sea”
  • Painting should be done free handed; no stencils will be permitted 
  • Creativity will be encouraged 
  • All ages are welcomed to participate 
  • Prizes will be submitted to the first, second, and third place winners of the children’s division as well as the first, second, and third place winners of the adult division
    • 1st place: $50 value

    • 2nd place:  $35 value

    • 3rd place: $15 value

  • Submissions will be posted to the Seafest Facebook page once the competition concludes, with the names of the winners being posted. 

Download a printable PDF version of the Seafest Rock Painting Contest rules & regulations here.

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Seafest Sand Sculpture ContestSeafest Sand Sculpture Competition
July 17th - July 31st

The Seafest Sand Sculpture competition is an opportunity to spend time at one of our various beaches and explore your creativity! Whether you fill a bucket with sand or spend hours carving a delicate sculpture, we want to see it!

The rules for the contest are as follows:

  • Photo/video submissions may be sent to info@seafest.ca  (photo/video must exclude participants to avoid any bias voting) or the photo may be presented to the Seafest Office (90 Water Street, 9-5pm Mon-Fri)
  • File size less than 1GB preferred
  • Up to ten participants per submission
  • Entries may include sand castles and sand sculptures of any original design 
  • You may use your own tools at your disposal 
  • Decorations for your creation must be found on the beach (ex. No flags, Banners etc..) 
  • All submissions will be posted on our Facebook page “Seafest” on August 4th including the top three winners chosen by our various judges 

Prizes will be presented to the following:

  • 1st place: $50 value
  • 2nd place: $25 value
  • 3rd place: $15 value
  • Most Creative: $10 value

Download a printable PDF version of the Seafest Sand Sculpture Competition rules & regulations here.

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