Our Fishing Industry

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia is part of Lobster Fishing Area 34 (LFA 34). This area includes Cape Island, Woods Harbour, Pubnico, Argyle, Wedgeport, Yarmouth, Port Maitland, Clare, and Digby. It is home to Canada's largest fishing industry. LFA 34 accounts for 40% of Canadian lobster landings, which is about 23% of worldwide lobster landings. We are the leader by a large percentage, accounting for about 80% of all lobster landings in Nova Scotia.

Other species besides lobster are fished in the Yarmouth area. These species include:

• Bay Quahogs (Bar Clams)
• Clams (Steamers)
• Canadian Chondrus (Brewing Aagent)
• Cod (Fresh, Salt)
• Cusk
• Dogfish
• Dulse
• Flounder
• Haddock (Fresh, Smoked)
• Hake (Fresh, Smoked)
• Halibut
• Herring (Pickled, Smoked)
• Herring Roe
• Mackerel
• Oysters
• Periwinkles
• Pollock
• Rock Crab

• Salmon
• Scallops: Sea & Bay
• Sea Cucumber
• Shark
• Sole


Seafest is a time to celebrate our ties to the sea and the community it has built. We hope you join us to celebrate!